#86 Colorado To The Rescue

In episode 86 we are joined by Sloppy and Joe. Sloppy tells us about his experience relocating and starting a new life in Colorado.

#85 Improving Your Cannabis Photography

In this episode Joe and Sloppy join Rasta Jeff for a lesson on how to improve your cannabis photography. The opening track was the Doggy Dub by the Mystic Roots Band. The Closing track was Positive Herb by Niyorah. Take a fat dab and give you mom a big for me!

#84 No MMJ for PTSD

Mike joins Jeff for a talk about the CDPHE denying PTSD as a qualifying condition for MMJ. The opening track was by the MYSTIC ROOTS BAND The closing track was by MORGAN HERITAGE

#83 Feds Raid Native Lands

In this episode I read some news and watch a video of 3 retired police officers smoking cannabis. The opening track was THE DOGGY DUB from THE MYSTIC ROOTS BAND. The closing track was HERB IS THE HEALING by ISRAEL VIBRATION.