#381 Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart www/dankseed.store www.iriegeneticscolorado.com

#379 Hug a Hater

Mike is here. Let the games begin. @NemoPunk15 @GFYHPODCAST @RastaJeff420 www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart www.dankseed.store

#376 Pheno Hunt

In this episode I talk about pheno hunting and keeping a mother plant. Follow the show on Twitter! @GFYHPODCAST Support the show on Patreon! www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart

#372 Veg Tips and Tricks

In this episode I give tips and tricks to improve the performance and production of our veg plants. www.dankseed.store www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart