#510 Sonic Boom

In this episode I highlight my strain, Sonic Boom (Lemon OG Haze X Arise) Get seeds at www.seedsherenow.com Use coupon Code GFYH10 Support the show on Patreon! www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart

#508 Updates and Details

In this episode I talk more about my nutrient mix. www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart www.seedsherenow.com

#507 Tent Setup Advice

In this episode I read an E-Mail about setting up grow tents. www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart www.seedsherenow.com

#506 My Nutrient Mix Part Two

In this episode I give a very detailed description of my flowering nutrient mix. www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart www.seedsherenow.com

#504 More Grow Guidance

In this episode I read emails and answer grow questions. www.patreon.com/growfromyourheart www.seedsherenow.com