Garlic Goat

GMO X Golden Goat

Garlic Goat makes rock hard nuggets that are covered in trichomes. The aromas are unique and complex. The gas and garlic aromas from the GMO mingle with the sweetness of the Golden Goat to make a sweet and savory terp explosion. Garlic Goat plants grow stout and tall with sturdy branching. I like to grow Garlic Goat in 7 gallon pots, topped once to make a 3 foot tall bush and spread out with a tomato cage or trellis netting. Garlic Goat is a heavy feeder and swells heavily at the end of flowering.
Flowering Time: 70 Days
Yield: Fat Yields
Potency: Dangerously Potent
Effects: Intense Head Buzz, Floaty, Time Travel
Aroma and Flavor: A funky blend of sweet and savory funk, gassy, chemicals, mango sauce
*Available in feminized seeds only.
**This strain has been discontinued.

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