blueberry cookies s1 (girl scout cookies x blueberry tahoe)

Leonardo grows with a christmas tree shape and structure. Her branches are strong and sturdy. She grows well untrained or topped and trained into a small bush or worked into trellis netting. She takes popping and twisting and training g very well. She eats moderately heavy and puts out heavy harvests. Some plants will turn dark colors in cooler environments. Leonardo is easy for beginner growers and experienced growers will pull impressive harvests. Expect intense blueberry and raspberry candy flavors and aromas.
Flowering Time: 63-70 Days
Yield: Heavy Harvests
Potency: 25-30% THC-A
Effects: Stoned, Giggles, Tunnel Vision
Aroma and Flavor: Blue Raspberry Lollipops
*Available in feminized seeds only.

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