Clementine X Arise

My goal with this cross was to keep the sweet Clementine flavor and aroma while improving vigor, yield, and potency. The resulting plants smell like sweet clementines, champagne, and peaches. The buzz from Afterglow will have you walking on sunshine and smiling at strangers. Afterglow makes tall plants with a sturdy structure and a lot of branching. Afterglow is easy to grow and recovers from abuse and stress quickly.
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Yield: Heavy Harvests
Potency: 25% THC-A
Effects: Happiness, Giggles, Smiles, Euphoria
Aroma and Flavor: Sweet Clementines, Mimosas, Peaches, Sugared Grapefruit
*Available in regular and feminized seeds!
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