golden goat x daybreaker

Arise is a beautifully balanced indica sativa hybrid. Arise will lift your spirits and melt your pain away. Arise packs a fast acting sativa head high that brings on a creative, social, giggly buzz and makes your body relaxed and pain free. Arise is perfect for morning smoke, creative sessions or social events. Wake up. Arise.

Arise has shown to be effective against migraines and arthritis pain.

Arise has shown impressive test results. A sample grown by Organtica in Albuquerque, New Mexico was tested at 35.85% THC-A by Steep Hill Labs of New Mexico. Other samples have consistently tested around 25-30% THC-A.

Arise shows 3 common phenotypes and a couple of notable outliers.

The Golden Goat leaning phenotypes will take longer to finish, but the head buzz is intense. The flavors are sweet and tropical. These plant are identifiable by their thinner leaves.

The OG Kush leaning pehenotypes will finish earlier and pack a heavy body buzz and an almost narcotic effect. The aromas and flavors are very Kush and Chem dominant. These plants are identifiable by their large, wide fan leaves. If you see these leaves drooping without explanation it is a common trait passed from the Daybreaker father.

My favorite Arise phenotype is the 50/50 Golden Goat/Daybreaker phenotype. The 50/50 shows wider leaves the sativa heavy Golden Goat phenotypes, but not the giant leaves the OG/Chem phenotypes show. They will branch out and show a nice stout structure. These phenotypes do get tall so be prepared. Expect up to a 50% stretch from these phenotypes. The buds are more dense than the Goat leaning phenotypes and the flavors are a blend of Tropical and Kush/Chem.

Some the the outlier phenotypes display tall sativa heavy plants that take 10-11 weeks to finish. These phenotypes are easily identifiable early on. They take off in height, but do not branch out very much. The buzz from these plants is devastating if you allow them to finish. The flavors are spicy watermelon and peppery cantaloupe. These phenotypes will easily double in height before finishing.

Arise makes giant colas and heavy harvests. Arise can handle stress and abuse and recovers quickly from problems and mistakes. Arise grows well untopped for a giant top cola or topped and spread out, or trained into SCROG netting. Arise grows with hyper vigor and will take heavy feedings. Watch for Nitrogen and Cal/Mag deficiencies early in flower.

Flowering Time: 60-70 Days
Yield: Heavy Yields
Potency: 30%+ THC-A
Effects: Strong Cerebral Head Buzz, Creative, Social, Uplifting, Pain Relief
Aroma and Flavor: Sweet, Tropical Fruit, Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum, Kush, Fuel, Pine, Chewable Vitamins
*Available in regular seeds only.

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