Blueberry Butcher

blueberry cookies x Jack the ripper

This cross was part of my tribute to my friend Subcool. Subs Jack the Ripper was a classic on its own. I chose a stellar JTR male to pollinate my Blueberry Cookes cut. The Blueberry Cookies has a beautiful structure, great blueberry and sour candy flavors and aromas, and a perfect blend of Indica body numbness and Sativa head spins.

These plants like a lot of root space. Use big pots. I suggest 5 or 7 gallon pots. Expect tall plants. Let them grow into a bush with a main top. Chop the head and spread them out. Let them recover and flower early. They will need supports. Be prepared for fat sticky colas and funky unique aromas.

Some phenotypes will display extreme taco or canoe leaves. This is common and should not be cause for alarm. Those tacos will be coated in resin rails before harvest time. Use those leaves for concentrates or edibles! These pants make amazing concentrates with high potency and tremendous terps.

Flowering Time: 9 - 11 weeks
Yield: Expect Heavy Yields
Potency: Dangerously Potent
Effects: Talkative, Distorted Sense Of Time, Laughter, Very Strong Head High, Can induce panic and paranoia in new smokers.
Aroma and Flavor: Blueberry Syrup, Fake Blueberry Candy flavoring, Lemons, Limes, Lemon Cleaner, Chewable Vitamins
*Available in regular seeds only.
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