Cookie Stomper

GSC Forum Cookies X (King Chem X Grape Stomper)

Cookie Stomper produces rock hard nuggets that are covered in resin and smell like coffee, Kush, Chem, and a hint of menthol and white grapes. Some phenotypes produce resin all the way down the leaves. This strain is great for small grow spaces or sea of green grows because it does not branch out excessively. Cookie Stomper will turn purple and silver toward the end of flowering. Cookie Stomper responds well to low pH and kelp products.
Flowering Time: 56-63 Days
Yield: Moderate to heavy
Potency: 22-27% THC-A
Effects: Faded, Stoned, Impaired Sense Of Time
Aroma and Flavor: Coffee, Kush, Pepper, Menthol
*Available in regular seeds only.
**This strain has been discontinued.

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