Jack the Ripper F2

Jack the Ripper X Jack The Ripper

I made Jack the Ripper F2 seeds to pay homage to my fallen friend and fellow breeder, Subcool.

I chose a Jack the Ripper male that had a beautiful structure and great flower clusters with purple colors and nasty aromas.

I pollinated multiple Jack the Ripper females with the selected male. The selected and pollinated females were labeled 2, 3, 4, and 5.

I grew out populations of each phenotype and carefully made my selections. The versions I have currently chosen for release are #2 and #4. These have been named Jack The Ripper F2 Number 2 and Jack The Ripper F2 Number 4.

The #2 phenotype makes plants that are tall and skinny and show thinner leaves. These plants double or triple in size through flower. These phenotypes are super frosty and extremely potent. The flavors lean toward Lemon, Lime, Skunks, Gas and rotten fruits. These phenotypes take longer and get taller than the #4 phenotype, but the potency is worth the extra work. Some smokers claim this plant gave them a psychedelic experience. #2 is The Tall Potent Phenotype- Tall plants with amazing potency. Longer flowering than the other JTR phenotypes. This plant can be challenging for beginner growers and overwhelming for new smokers. This is the version for connoisseur smokers.

The #4 phenotype makes plants that have a more classic cannabis plant/Christmas tree structure. These plants will double in size before finishing. The flavors and aromas are Strong Lemon Cleaner, Chemicals, Lime, rotten fruit, and Skunk. These phenotypes finish more quickly than the number 2 and are easier to manage. I would suggest these for a new grower interested in a head ripping, long flowering Sativa that is forgiving to mistakes. #4 is The Easier Phenotype - Shorter, bushier pants with great potency and vigor. This version is easer to grow than #2 and produces a more dense flower and a heavier harvest. This is the version for commercial production.

The #5 phenotype is a great plant for beginner growers. She grows quickly and produces a sturdy structured plant with heavy yields. She can handle topping and trellising. The flavor is strong limes and sweet dryer sheets. #5 is the most flavorful and aromatic of the bunch. #5 is not as challenging to grow as the #2 version, but she can be challenging to clone. #5 is The Lime Terp Monster Phenotype- This version grows quickly and vigorously. This version produces a strong Lime aroma with a hint of dryer sheets and sometimes lavender. The flower clusters are not as dense as #4 and are ideal for concentrate makers. This is the version for concentrate makers.

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