Morning Dew

Grateful Dawg X Arise

Morning Dew is a cross of Grateful Dawg and Arise. Grateful Dawg was my first strain to get attention in Colorado. Grateful Dawg was only available for a short time and has been in high demand since it’s debut. Arise has been testing high in THC-A in several grows and has quickly become one of my proudest creations. I used my Arise male, “King Solomon” to pollinate my Grateful Dawg female to create Morning Dew regular seeds. The offspring are impressive and carry the gassy Skunk flavor from the Kush and Chem grandparents with the potency from the Arise male. Morning Dew is great for pain relief.

Morning Dew makes purple and silver tinted pine cone buds that smell like gassy skunk with a hint of berries, and has great bag appeal. Morning Dew grows wide and stout and produces chunky buds. These plants will stink. I suggest extra odor control when flowering and harvesting Morning Dew. Morning Dew finishes in about 9 weeks indoors. Morning Dew is one of my earliest finishers outdoors and has shown to be resistant to powdery mildew and botrytis. Some phenotypes will turn purple in cooler environments.

Flowering Time: 56-65 Days
Yield: Generous Harvests
Potency: 25% THC-A
Effects: Stoned, Relaxed, Euphoric, Giggly
Aroma and Flavor: Fuel, Skunk, Pine, OG Kush, Chem, Dirty Feet, Hints of Berries
*Available in regular seeds only.

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