Thank you for running Irie Genetics test seeds!

The purpose of test seeds is to gather data on new lines in order to determine if they qualify to be added to the
Irie Genetics Premium Seeds Catalog

Please document the following

  • Germination Rate
  • Male:Female Ratio
  • Plant Shape & Structure
  • Plant Morphology
  • Intersex Traits
  • Abnormalities or Mutations
  • Anything else you think stands out

Take excessive photos

Document as much as possible about the grow
on our Discord & social media accounts.

  • Weekly photos in flower
  • Whole plant shots
  • Show The Shape & Structure
  • Closeup Bud Shots
  • Colors
  • Calyx stacking
  • Trichome Development
You cannot send too many photos of test Plants!
Submit photos to discord
Testers with good communication, quality grow reports, and clear photos get selected for testing new lines in the future!
Thank you for testing Irie Genetics Seeds!

Rasta Jeff

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